This is a list of the projects I’m currently working on or involved with.

  • Wicked Cow Marketing – This is my Online Marketing Business providing SEO & content based marketing services to small businesses.
  • Internet Marketing Adelaide – A blog about internet marketing techniques and theory in general and the industry in Adelaide specifically. Features interviews with industry professionals and articles about internet marketing topics.
  • Web Marketing Adelaide Podcast – A website and podcast about web marketing, specifically focused on Adelaide. This project goes hand in hand with Internet Marketing Adelaide.
  • Wicked Cow Content – A website about content marketing featuring tool reviews, content analysis, articles and other info.
  • Adelaide Experts – A site featuring articles from Adelaide business owners.
  • Adelaide Flashmob – A flashmob group that I started in 2007. We’ve wound back our activities of late but we still have 4-5 big events per year.

Here’s a few of my past projects:

  • Birthday Present Calculator – If you’ve ever wondered how much you should spend on a birthday present then this calculator is for you. Just input the important factors and it will give you a recommendation of how much you should spend.
  • Adelaide Poker – A blog about poker in Adelaide.