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This survey will ask you some questions about the last birthday present you purchased. If you can't remember the details of your last purchase then please fill out the survey using a hypothetical purchase for one of your friends/family. Please also fill in all the fields.

Q1. How old was the recipient turning?

Q2. How do you know them?

Q3. How close is your friendship/ relationship?
Extremely Close
Very Close
Fairly Close
Not Very Close
Hardly Know Them

Q4. Did they have a party? Yes No

If so, was it...
At a hired venue?
Alcohol: Supplied? Discounted? BYO/ None?

Q5. Did they get you a present for your last birthday? Yes No

If so...
What was the approximate value?

How happy were you with the gift overall? (1=very little, 5=a lot)
1 2 3 4 5

Q6. What is your weekly disposable income (spending money)? (disposable income= income- necessities)

Q7. How much effort did you put into the purchase overall? (1=very little, 5=a lot)
1 2 3 4 5

Q8. Did you buy the present by yourself or with others?

Q8. How much did you spend on their birthday present?

Q9. When you made the purchase, the most important thing was that the gift was... Other:

Q10. *Optional* What was the gift?

Q11. Any other relevant information about the gift you purchased, please enter below.

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