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Part 1

Below there is 8 questions and 2 sub-questions. Using the numbers 1 through 8, choose which questions are the most important to consider when determining how much to spend on a birthday present. Put the number '1' next to the question that you think is most important, a number '2' next to the next most important and so on until all the boxes are full. For the two sub-questions, use the drop down boxes to choose how important that factor is.

Q1. How old is the recipient turning?
Q2. How do you know them?
Q3. How close is your friendship/ relationship?
Q4. Are they having a party?
If 'yes' is it hired, catered, alcohol supplied/discounted/byo?
Q5. Did they get you a present for your last birthday?
If 'yes' what was the value, were you satisfied with it?
Q6. What is your weekly disposable income (spending money)? (disposable income= income- necessities)
Q7. Are you buying the present by yourself or with others?
Q8. Will the gift be based on value, usefulness, rarity etc?

Do you have any comments on the importance of the factors mentioned above, or suggestions for other factors that should be taken into account? Please detail below.

Part 2

Use the drop down boxes below to choose whether you agree or not with the following statements.

The more effort you put into coming up with, creating and buying a gift, the less you should have to spend on it.

You should always ask the person what they want rather than choosing something yourself to surprise them.

A gift voucher is the best kind of present because then the person can get something they really want.

If you have any other ideas for how to make the calculator work better please enter them below.

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