Some of my projects:

  • Adelaide Business Events – At Adelaide Business Events (ABE) we try to aggregate all of the business events happening in Adelaide and put them in one place. We also operate a weekly email digest of upcoming events so people don’t have to keep coming back to the site to see what’s coming up.
  • History Ice Cream – Some articles about two of my recent interests; history and ice cream
  • Birthday Present Calculator – If you’ve ever wondered how much you should spend on a birthday present then this calculator is for you. Just input the important factors and it will give you a recommendation of how much you should spend.
  • Adelaide Poker – A blog about poker in Adelaide.
  • Internet Marketing Adelaide – A blog about internet marketing techniques and theory in general and the industry in Adelaide specifically. Features interviews with industry professionals and articles about internet marketing topics.
  • Web Marketing Adelaide Podcast – A website and podcast about web marketing, specifically focused on Adelaide. This project goes hand in hand with Internet Marketing Adelaide. Website is no longer online but episodes can be found at:
  • Adelaide Experts – A site featuring articles from Adelaide business owners.
  • Adelaide Flashmob – A flashmob group that I started in 2007
  • 99 Red Lumens – It was a separate website for my grow lights research and recommendations but moved to a single blog post here

Past projects, no longer online;

  • Wicked Cow Content – A website about content marketing featuring tool reviews, content analysis, articles and other info.