Chiang Mai Badminton

I started playing badminton in Chiang Mai in July/August 2014 and that kickstarted a passion for playing the game and improving my skills on a regular basis and I’m still loving it now too. I did actually play for one semester back in high school but I’d all but forgotten everything I learnt there (which wasn’t much) so I was basically starting from scratch which I started again in 2014.

For the ten years previous, table tennis was my primary sport and its a game I still really enjoy but I was ready to move onto something new.

There’s several options to play in Chiang Mai but I’ve really enjoyed playing with a group of expats and thais who play Tuesday and Friday 2pm – 4pm. The cost is only 50 baht per session and the location is close to the old city. Get all of the details at the Facebook group here:

Massage Insights

Since traveling in south east Asia I’ve become really interested in Massage. I’d never paid for a massage in Australia or any other western country because I didn’t think it was worth it (and still don’t) but I now regularly have them when I’m in Asia.

I’ve also talked to many people over the years about their massage experiences and done my own research and just been mesmerised by the wide range of options available, reasons that people get massages and the experiences that they have. So much so that I decided to put together a little survey to get some data on it all.

The survey is still open but here are some of the results after 45 responses;

The later questions were segmented based on the earlier answers (including the graphs above from ‘reason for getting a massage’ question) so many of them don’t really have enough responses to display here.

I’ve been most interested in the reasons people get massages and people’s pain preferences.