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If you've ever asked this question you'll know that its not always easy to find an answer. You keep thinking to yourself, "if I spend too little I'll look cheap but if I spend too much I'll be wasting my money."

It should be a quick and easy decision, after all its the thought that counts not how much you spend, right? Yes, but... its still nice to have a little guidance.

To assist with this conundrum I've decided to develop a simple calculator tool which draws on all the relevent info such as; closeness of your friendship, age they are turning and size of your budget and spits out a well considered amount to assist you with your decision.

Birthday Present Calculator Beta has been released. At this stage it only has a very limited scope but we intend future versions to work for any type of gift giving situation. For this we need your help. Please head over to our Research Centre to see how you can help.