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Position: Internet Marketer
Studied at: University of South Australia (2009)
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From: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Bio: Nick Morris is an internet marketer who specialises in SEO, Local SEO, Link Building and Content Marketing. He is also interested in travelling, philosophy and blogging. He owns his own online marketing business in Adelaide, South Australia.

Nick started Wicked Cow Marketing in 2011, an online marketing business to help local businesses gain better visibility in Google and develop digital assets to set themselves apart from their competitors and give their customers a reason to come back to their website and bring their friends. He also blogs about internet marketing at his blog – Internet Marketing Adelaide.

When he’s not tackling digital marketing obstacles you can find him organising flashmobs, traveling, debating, playing sport and coming up with new business ideas.

Nick founded the Adelaide Flash Mob in late 2007 and continues to be a key organiser. He travelled all over Europe in 2009-2010 where he tried out hitch hiking and described it as “an awesome, unique experience, the highlight of my trip.”

Even from a young age, Nick found that he loved to argue with just about anyone on just about any topic that had more than one side. He has a keen interest in philosophical subjects such as religion and morality and will happily debate anyone on these subjects. He is also a proud skeptic and Pastafarian.

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